Welcome to my portfolio site. I wanted to record and show off the things I've built with the Python programming language. I love the limitless potential of programming and the blend of creativity, vision, and technical skill it requires to do it well.

Losing myself in the act of creating software, that can solve real-world problems is exciting. I've learned a huge amount on my journey so far, and relish the fact that there's always more to learn and ways to improve.



Bootstrap Django

CLAHub is a tool to help language learning teams record cultural observations and language texts, tagging them according to a culture overview with automatic cross linking.


Kovol services

Bootstrap Flask

Kovol services is a simple, lightweight site built with Flask that houses assorted scripts that help process Kovol langauge data. It's designed as a way to distribute one off scripts to other users.


Portfolio site

Bootstrap Wagtail

This website. I learned the Wagtail framework looking for a way to more easily create a user friendly Python website, and then I wanted to deploy and use it to better learn the ins and outs.


ReachKovol WordPress


My first website. Our team wanted to have a combined blog and so I jumped into the world of content management systems, web hosting and domain registration.


Anki bulk importer add-on


An addon for the open source flashcard program Anki that makes creation of batches of multimedia cards quick and easy.


Security Checkin

PyQt5 SQlite

A program for recording the frequency of contact with remote teams. If a team goes without contact for 3 days they get highlighted as requiring contact.




A game where you control a plane over a moving, tiled map. The objective is to shoot down as many enemy planes as possible before they hit you!


Prayer app

PyQt5 SQlite

My first Qt app. An SQlite database contains a list of names and upon clicking a button a random name is chosen. The idea is to have 3 random people you can pray for every day.



Jinja pyexcel

Excel spreadsheets are comfortable to work with, but aren't always clear to look at. This lexicon program reads lexicon (dictionary) data from a spreadsheet and turns it into a searchable webpage



Jinja xml

An xml reader that then generates a tribal language/English interlinear as html.