Portfolio site

Created: Jan. 13, 2022

Technologies used

After creating CLAHub and getting to grips with Django I wondered how I could create websites that could be handed on to non-programmers. Django's admin is more geared to programmer types who wish to edit the database. I think that most people don't think of websites in terms of databases though and I was on the search for a content management system.

I discovered Wagtail and took a learn wagtail course to get to grips with it. After several practice projects in which I learned to properly deploy a Django web app, I realized that I wouldn't learn the ins and outs of creating, deploying, and maintaining a site without one of my own. Thus this portfolio site was born.

I'm familiar with writing code on my own computer of course, and I daily drive Ubuntu - but running a server where downtown needs to be minimized is an additional challenge.

My goals were to:

  • Create a Wagtail site from scratch
  • Have a home for my various web apps and scripts online
  • Showcase my programming projects so far
  • Deploy it on a VPS using Ansible
  • Use Docker
  • Deploy behind HTTPS
  • Experience how code is updated in a production environment
  • Experience how a server upgrades (I deployed on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS a few months before 22.04 was due)

What I learned through this project

  • Creating, using, and maintaining a Wagtail site
  • Production deployment of websites
  • Maintainance and code updates to live websites
  • Server maintenance