Web development

As I started to create things in Python that I wanted others to use I found that it was challenging to get Python scripts and apps running on other people's machines. It almost always required some terminal incantations to install dependencies and trigger the script.

The web is an amazing way to share things though, and it's also an amazing way to execute Python code from the comfort of a browser. I learned Python web frameworks as a way to maintain a script on a server and have users interact with it without needing to have python installed on their own machines.

Frameworks like Django and Flask enable Python to respond to HTTP requests. This means you can trigger python code by visiting a web address. Python can respond with a web page, run calculations and return data, or can return a simple "message received" and then do whatever you need - turn lights on, update a server - the possibilities are endless.

The tried and tested uses for Python on the web are custom database-driven websites or APIs that can provide centralized data and services to user-facing applications.

My Web development projects

Bootstrap Django

CLAHub is a tool to help language learning teams record cultural observations and language texts, tagging them according to a culture overview with automatic cross linking.

Created: July 29, 2019

Kovol services
Bootstrap Flask

Kovol services is a simple, lightweight site built with Flask that houses assorted scripts that help process Kovol langauge data. It's designed as a way to distribute one off scripts to other users.

Created: June 11, 2021

Portfolio site
Bootstrap Wagtail

This website. I learned the Wagtail framework looking for a way to more easily create a user friendly Python website, and then I wanted to deploy and use it to better learn the ins and outs.

Created: Jan. 13, 2022

ReachKovol WordPress

My first website. Our team wanted to have a combined blog and so I jumped into the world of content management systems, web hosting and domain registration.

Created: April 18, 2019

Magpie Pricer

My very first use of Python on the web. I had big a stack of books to sell and 3 different sites to sell them to. Using selenlium to automate a web browser I'd find the best price for each book

Created: Jan. 28, 2018