ReachKovol WordPress

Created: April 18, 2019

Technologies used

After years of writing a personal blog using Google's Blogger our missionary team decided it was time to get our own website and a combined blog. I got my first taste of web hosting and wrapped my head around domains, DNS A records, Cpanel, and all the associated hoops you need to jump through.

The WordPress block editor was really nice coming from Blogger and I discovered the Freemium world of WordPress themes and addons.

I managed to pull something together using free themes (with some custom CSS) and add-ons so that we could have a multilingual site with blog subscriptions, 2FA, and some other bits and pieces.

With a brand spanking new website, I was of course excited to see what else I could do with it but disappointed to find that Python code wasn't welcome. I was even more disappointed after 2 years when the hosting was due for renewal and the very reasonable price I signed up with became an enormous price to continue.

With some shopping around and database migration to a new host, I was able to get hosting for 1/4 of the price quoted by the original host (who shall remain nameless).

WordPress is some very cool open-source software that can fill the needs of all kinds of sites.

What I learned through this project

  • Domain registration and management
  • WordPress administration
  • Cheap web hosts don't like Python
  • WordPress migration and database management
  • To keep an eye on the renewal price of web services