Anki bulk importer add-on

Created: Aug. 16, 2018

Technologies used

As a learner of an unwritten tribal language, I am constantly creating my own review materials. Anki is a great open-source flashcard program and I wanted cards that would show me an image, allowing me to attempt to draw up the right response in the language I'm learning. Turning the card over plays the audio and I can tell Anki if I was able to recall it or not.

Anki is a fantastic program for such flashcard review sessions, but creating these multi-media cards one at a time was just too time-consuming. I needed to create 10-20 of these a day without taking too much time for it. Anticipating this need I created the bulk importer add-on for Anki.

The add-on allows you to open multiple audio and image files, drag them into a matching order (if you didn't name them well to start with!), check the audio and image match for each card, and then import them into a deck of your choice.

Creating a stack of multimedia language learning cards can be done in minutes... Well, this portion of it can at least; you still need to get images and audio for each card - but software can't automate everything!

Try it out

  1. Install Anki
  2. In Anki's Add-ons menu install Add-on 1312111882

What I learned through this project

  • Integrating code into an existing project