Desktop applications

Programs with a graphical user interface were my first jump up from Python scripts that were triggered via the command line. As a new programmer, they felt like my first real applications.
I learned the PyQt5 library and started creating windows to house my little scripts.

With the complexity inherent in running a GUI event loop I learned how to split my code up into different files (no more file of doom containing everything), I learned Object Oriented programming, and got started with classes. As programs grew in complexity and needed to store data I learned how to use relational databases.

In the future, I hope to combine desktop applications with a Python API. I would like an excuse to make something with Tkinter and another excuse to use GTK.

I expect the next stop will be Flutter though as it promises to be able to create applications for mobile devices as well as desktops.

My Desktop applications projects

Anki bulk importer add-on

An addon for the open source flashcard program Anki that makes creation of batches of multimedia cards quick and easy.

Created: Aug. 16, 2018

Security Checkin
PyQt5 SQlite

A program for recording the frequency of contact with remote teams. If a team goes without contact for 3 days they get highlighted as requiring contact.

Created: Dec. 9, 2018


A game where you control a plane over a moving, tiled map. The objective is to shoot down as many enemy planes as possible before they hit you!

Created: July 12, 2019

Prayer app
PyQt5 SQlite

My first Qt app. An SQlite database contains a list of names and upon clicking a button a random name is chosen. The idea is to have 3 random people you can pray for every day.

Created: May 24, 2018