Security Checkin

Created: Dec. 9, 2018

Technologies used

During my time in PNG I became responsible for a short time for logging check ins of remote tribal teams. Each remote team needed to be in contact with me once every 3 days or we would start the process of sending out a search team for them.

I inherited a Excel spreadsheet with Macros to log the information, but it was unwieldy and difficult to start a new year with.

This program was created as a way to interact with an SQlite database containing the information. Check ins could be completed with the click of a button, with the remote team the longest out of contact drifting to the top. No more editing rows and columns and spreadsheets.

After 3 days with no contact names appear in red as a visual cue that further action is needed.

Feedback of others using this software has been positive, but the desire for a mobile app is the loudest feedback. Looking to the future this simple app is a good candidate for my first FastAPI + Flutter app.


(help: what's pip)

pip3 install security-checkin

What I learned through this project

  • SQL using the Python sqlite3 module
  • Freezing applications using Pyinstaller
  • PEP8 style guide for Python code